Godzilla Minus One Plus Two New Action Figures Equals Empty Bank Accounts

Godzilla Minus One gets impressive action figures from Super7 and Tamashii Nations.

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Godzilla: Minus One is now playing in U.S. theaters, and the reviews have been surprisingly stellar. If you're a mega fan that felt like this film delivered the best Godzilla action in ages, then you might be interested in picking up one of the new figures from Bandai Tamashii Nations and Super 7. The choice is yours: 

Godzilla Ultimates Godzilla Minus One 8-inch Scale Figure From Super7 ($85 with free US shipping using the code WINTER79 / launches in September) – See at Entertainment Earth: "Godzilla has risen from the sea to ravage an unsuspecting post-war Japan and it has never looked more terrifying! Based on the same 3D models used for the 2023 film Godzilla Minus One and approved by director Takashi Yamazaki for authenticity, this highly-articulated Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla Minus One figure measures over 8" tall and 14" long, features intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing, and comes with an interchangeable roaring head- all of which give it a visceral sense of power and danger! If you can overcome the undeniable urge to flee for safety, add this made-to-order Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla: Minus One to your kaiju collection!" 


Godzilla Minus One S.H.MonsterArts Action Figure from Tamashii Nations ($139.99 with free US shipping using the code WINTER79 / aunches in February) – See at Entertainment Earth: "Godzilla from 2023's Godzilla Minus One joins S.H.MonsterArts! Based on the same 3D models used for the film, Godzilla was sculpted and colored by kaiju master Yuji Sakai with supervision of director Takashi Yamazaki for accuracy! A wide range of motion allows poses appropriate for the massive movie monster. The kaiju's tail is segmented, and the toes are independently movable! The Godzilla Minus One 2023 S.H.MonsterArts Action Figure stands approximately 6 1/3-inches tall."

Recently, ComicBook.com had the opportunity to talk with Godzilla Minus One director, Takashi Yamazaki, about his iteration of the giant beast, "I feel that my Godzilla for this Godzilla is very specific for the story because there's a tendency with Godzilla is that he's obviously a massive existence and there can be a tendency to split the story a bit versus this is going on with Godzilla, this is going on with the people or the government and things like that. However, one of my goals was to have a good balance between the Godzilla side of the story and the human story. So in Godzilla Minus One, I think it's a lot more unique because you're looking at the individual relationship, what kind of relationship they have to Godzilla, how they see Godzilla. So it's individuals and also civilians that are really focused on their story and relationship to Godzilla. So I think that's unique out of all the Godzillas."

Starring Ryunosuke Kamiki and Minami Hamabe, Godzilla Minus One will take us back to a point shortly after World War II when Japan's economy and military were in shambles. Apparently, Godzilla doesn't have a problem kicking a country when it's down. Toho's official synopsis for the film reads:

"After the war, Japan's economic state has been reduced to zero. Godzilla appears and plunges the country into a negative state."  Godzilla Minus One will be arriving in Japan on November 3rd, and will then hit North American theaters on December 1st.