Marvel's Giant-Size Spider-Gwen Teases Earth-65 Sinister Six

It's Ghost-Spider vs. the new Doctor Octopus, Carnage, and more in Giant-Size Spider-Gwen.

Something sinister this way comes in Marvel's Giant-Size Spider-Gwen #1. In 2024, the publisher will commemorate the 50th anniversary of 1974's Giant-Size Super-Stars #1 and the Giant-Size storytelling of Marvel's Bronze Age with a lineup of new Giant-Size one-shots, including Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 in January and Giant-Size Fantastic Four #1 in February. Following December's Spider-Gwen: Smash — a four-issue limited series co-starring X-Men's Dazzler and the Hulk of Earth-65 — Gwen Stacy, a.k.a. the Spider-Verse's Ghost-Spider, will return in Giant-Size Spider-Gwen #1 in March.

"Helping Gwen Stacy settle into her home dimension in Spider-Gwen: Smash was an incredible pleasure," writer Melissa Flores said in a statement. "Being given the opportunity to continue to develop those relationships in this one-shot was an unexpected jolt of euphoria that I never saw coming. I wasn't ready to leave Gwen or Earth-65 behind, and I'm so thankful that now I don't have to!"


After Gwen, Jess Drew, and Cindy Moon battled S.I.L.K. Agent Otto Octavius in the Spider-Women crossover, Giant-Size Spider-Gwen returns to Earth-65 to pit Gwen against her dimension's Sinister Six.

The official synopsis: "Swinging from the pages of Spider-Gwen: Smash, Gwen Stacy has finally found some balance in her home dimension. But when the remnants of the Carnage symbiote resurface in Gwen's bandmate Mary Jane, they attract the attention of something…sinister. Orlando Octavius, the adopted son of Dr. Octopus, now has his sights set on MJ. And Spider-Gwen will have to save her friend from a gauntlet of new and terrifying villains in this oversized spectacular!"

Giant-Size Spider-Gwen #1, written by Melissa Flores with art by Alba Glez, is on sale March 6, 2024.