New Girl Star Weighs in on Potentially Reviving Sitcom

Lamorne Morris fully supports giving fans more episodes of the series.

The age of streaming means sitcoms can earn newfound success well after their initial broadcasts, and while New Girl earned critical acclaim and a passionate following in its initial run, its fan base only grew in popularity when it was streaming on Netflix and Hulu. The surge of support for the sitcom has seen some audiences hoping to get more episodes of the comedy, with star Lamorne Morris confirming that he'd be open to reuniting with the rest of the cast to deliver a revival. The success earned by the ensemble cast might make it a challenge to bring the stars together, though he didn't hesitate to share his enthusiasm for the project.

When speaking to Screen Rant about the possibility of a New Girl revival and his interest, Morris confirmed, "Absolutely. It's one of those shows that, because of streaming, I will say, it took on new legs and a different fan base, and it will continue to resonate with fans. People will always be able to identify with the dynamic of this group of friends, and it's just funny."

New Girl and star Zoey Deschanel secured a number of awards and nominations throughout its run, and while there was an extended delay between Seasons 6 and 7, the final season of the series earned a time jump and, to the disappointment of fans, only eight episodes as compared to the 20+ episodes from each previous season. 

"For me, I want to keep servicing the fans. Whenever the fans want something that, if I'm available for, I'd love to. If we can do another season, that would be awesome. Jake Johnson doesn't charge that much, so he won't be too expensive," the actor joked. "Everybody else is fair. He might be the one, then, you got to grease the old palms a little bit. But the rest of us, we're fair to our fans and to our employers."

With the final season having aired in 2018, some might think it's too soon for a revival, with series creator Elizabeth Meriwether sharing in 2021 that it felt too soon to develop a reboot.

"I think we need a little more water under the bridge is what I'll say, but yeah," Meriwether shared during a reunion panel for Variety. "When it feels right, when the universe says it's time, I will be there with my little tippy-tap computer writing stuff."  

Stay tuned for updates on the possible future of New Girl.

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