Dark and Darker Mobile Releases First Gameplay

Here's a first look at Dark and Darker Mobile in action.

Dark and Darker from developer Ironmace has already carved out a very niche spot in the extraction game genre by replacing guns with wands, swords, and other fantasy-style weapons, and next year, the game will reach yet another audience when it gets its mobile version. It'll aptly be called Dark and Darker Mobile, and while we don't yet know when it'll release on mobile platforms beyond some point in 2024, Dark and Darker players at least got their first look at the new version of the game this week to show what its mobile gameplay will look like.

This mobile version of Dark and Darker was first announced earlier this year during a period when Ironmace was embroiled in legal situations involving Nexon, the company many Ironmace devs formerly worked at. While it's built from the original Dark and Darker, the mobile game itself is being worked on by Krafton, the company best known as the owner of the PUBG series including mobile games like PUBG Mobile and New State Mobile. Gameplay for the game was first shown off this week at the Korean gaming event G-Star 2023.

Dark and Darker Mobile Features & Gameplay

Unsurprisingly, it looks a lot like the PC version of Dark and Darker albeit on mobile devices. To the right of the interface are most of the tools and indicators that Dark and Darker players will be familiar with when it comes to their PC counterparts. A map, a HUD showing what you have equipped, and some touch controls that let you perform actions like resting, using your main weapon, crouching, and more make up the majority of the main buttons you'll be using in Dark and Darker Mobile with the character movement and the kill feed found on the left. For those who want to change things up, there's most likely a setting that'll allow you to rearrange and customize your interface as you see fit.

Dark and Darker has eight different classes to pick from, but those mobile version will initially start with just five which include the Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue, and Cleric. Aside from that change and the obvious difference of the overall interface, the core Dark and Darker experience remains the same: set forth in a dungeon with your chosen class, grab as much loot as you can, and portal out before you're killed by AI enemies or other players.

How to Play Dark and Darker Mobile

If you want to play Dark and Darker Mobile, you'll have to sit tight, for now. Attendees at the G-Star 2023 event were able to play the mobile game in-person which doesn't do much for those who didn't attend, but there'll most likely be some sort of test or beta period in the future (though Krafton has not announced one yet). The game itself is scheduled to be released at some point in 2024, but a more specific release date hasn't been shared yet.