Bugsnax Is Getting a Mobile Release

Bugsnax from developer Young Horses has paid visit to pretty much every major platform by now seeing how it's out on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms already, and soon, it'll get a mobile release as well. Young Horses announced this week that the game will be coming to iOS devices in the summer which includes an iPadOS and tvOS release, too, so you'll be able to play it just about anywhere where you have an Apple device. Those mobile release plans do not include an Android launch at this time, however, so it looks like Bugsnax will be an Apple exclusive on mobile, for now.

The mobile release of the oddball game from 2020 was confirmed on Twitter this week by the developers who said only that the iOS version of the game will be out in the summer. This announcement coincided with Apple announcing a ton of new games for the Apple Arcade that are now live in that service, but Young Horses clarified that when Bugsnax comes to the iOS devices, it'll be as a standalone release in the App Store and won't be included in the Apple Arcade service.

It was also confirmed several times in the replies that there are no current plans for an Android release, so if you're holding out for that, you may want to consider trying Bugsnax on one of its other platforms.

If you haven't played Bugsnax at all, players take on the role of a journalist visiting Snaktooth Island who gets wrapped up in a mystery after the person who invited you goes missing. The island's littered with Bugsnax, creatures that are half bug and half snack. That's the base game, but that description still doesn't do the whole strange package justice. Our 5/5 review for the game can perhaps sway you to try it, however:

"From the jump, Bugsnax caught the gaming world's attention for how genuinely weird it is -- and honestly, that weirdness is a comfort when you dive into the game itself," an excerpt from our review said. "At its core, Bugsnax is a game that's both about the joy of curiosity and the importance of a found family, all wrapped up in an adorable and addictive package that's going to inspire a wealth of fanworks and merchandise."

Bugsnax will be out on iOS devices some time during the summer.