Marvel Snap Gets Shojo Makeover By Peach Momoko

Marvel Snap is easily one of the biggest mobile games that feature the heroes and villains of the comic book universe that has taken over the world. With the card game continuing to release a steady stream of new cards and variants to old favorites, one artist who prides herself on an anime style has given fans her take on some of Marvel's biggest characters. Artist Peach Momoko might have a few cards under her belt that makeup Marvel Snap's roster, but it seems she wasn't satisfied with simply creating artwork for the cards themselves.

The variant system in Marvel Snap allows players to add new styles to their deck for cards that they already own, with various artists from both the comic book world and beyond taking the opportunity to share their takes on the heroes and villains. Peach Momoko might be best known at Marvel Comics for her work on Demon Days and Strange Academy, though the recent mobile game has been able to show off her artistic talent. If you're a current player of the mobile game and want to add Momoko's variants to your Marvel Snap deck, she's worked on cards for the likes of Mystique, Knull, Thor, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Jubilee, Captain America, and many more.

Momoko Snap

With Marvel Snap continuing to grow in popularity, it wouldn't come as a surprise to see more art from Peach Momoko in the future. Besides Peach, the mobile game also has variants featuring the artistic stylings of Dan Hipp, Max Grecke, Luca Claretti, Jim Lee, Artgerm, Kim Jacinto, Rian Gonzales, and many more. Clearly, Momoko is a big fan of the game and has shared new artwork to prove it on her Official Twitter Account.

Marvel Snap is continuing to add new material and making changes to its gameplay as time marches on. With a nearly limitless roster to choose from in the Marvel universe, any hero or villain is fair game. Regardless of where the mobile game goes in the future, it would seem that Peach Momoko is on board for the long haul.

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