Pokemon Go Leak Reveals New Shadow Raids

Pokemon Go players may soon host "Shadow Raids," a new kind of raid for players to test their teams against, new leaks have suggested. These leaks indicated that several different levels of Shadow Raids will be coming to the game with bonus experience to be earned by players who participate in them. Aside from a new type of raid being exciting itself, there's some good news and bad news with this leak, too -- the raids can apparently be done remotely, but in order to participate, it looks as though Niantic is going to employ a ticket system when it comes to Shadow Raids.

The newest Pokemon Go leak comes from the datamining group PokeMiners which shared the first details about the rumored Shadow Raids this week. Over on Twitter, the group gave a brief overview of how things should work based on what's been seen so far.

"Our real-time is now starting. First up, there are new Shadow Raids. There are 5 levels, and there is a new raid ticket specifically for these new Shadow Raids," a preview of this new feature said. "You get additional XP from these Shadow Raids and they appear to be remotable."

So, good news on the remote raid part, but not so good news when it comes to the ticket system. Over on the PokeMiners site, the group shared evidence of something called an "ITEM_S_RAID_TICKET" which was thought to be a Shadow Raid ticket. The PokeMiners recalled that there was a new type of Raid Ticket added back in September which was purple, a color that happens to be one of the common connectors in how the different Shadow Pokemon are portrayed.

When this new Shadow Raid feature will release, however, remains a mystery since nothing that was datamined referenced release plans. Given that the Shadow Raid tickets have apparently been around since September, it could be that other parts of the Shadow Raids are continually added to the game's files for a while now before the raids actually get underway. You can bet Niantic will make a big announcement about the Shadow Raids whenever they're about to start, though, so expect to learn more about them then if more leaks don't surface sooner.