Amazon's Spider-Man Noir Series Hires The Punisher Writer

The Punisher writer Steven Lightfoot is now writing Prime Video's Spider-Man Noir series.

Steven Lightfoot has found his second comic book series to showrun. Monday, it was revealed The Punisher alumnus is set to executive produce and co-showrun Prime Video's Spider-Man Noir series in active development. Lightfoot was the showrunner of Netflix's Jon Bernthal vehicle for both of its seasons, and is reentering the land of Marvel with a period piece featuring one of Peter Parker's most popular multiversal variants.

According to the initial reporting from Variety, Lightfoot will showrun the series alongside writer Oren Uziel. It's unclear when the series will begin production or set a release window at the Amazon-owned streamer.

Is Nic Cage in Prime's Spider-Man Noir series?

The character has received renewed attention thanks to his role in Sony Pictures Animation's wildly popular Into the Spider-Verse film series. In the animated version, the character is voiced by Nic Cage. It's not clear if this live-action series has anything to do with the animated version of the character.

"Well, I think it's a wonderful character," Cage previously shared with "It's a character that lends itself to channeling some of my favorite noir movie stars. It doesn't matter if new generations do not know who [Humphrey] Bogart is or [James] Cagney is. The point is that those vocalizations or Edward G. Robinson, those rhythms worked. They work on camera. They work in terms of the way they sound. Spider-Man, for me, is the coolest superhero. I think to have that combined with a noir, like 1930s golden age movie star attitude, makes it one of the most exciting of all the superhero characters." 

When we spoke with Lightfoot about the second season of The Punisher, the writer revealed he was a massive fan of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

"Right from when I was a kid, I was always a Spider-Man guy," Lightfoot told us at the time. "And if the chance ever came to write anything Spider-Man related, my twelve year old self would never be happier. Though I have to say, having just seen Into the Spider-Verse, that's a big bar to jump because I thought that movie was good. I thought it was a different level."