Star Trek: Chris Pine Gives Disappointing Update on Fourth Movie (Exclusive)

The Star Trek star says he hasn't seen or heard anything new in a while.

Even with the end of the writers' and actors' strikes, Star Trek star Chris Pine says there is nothing to to report as far as a fourth installment in the Kelvin Timeline series is concerned. Speaking with ahead of the release of Wish, in which he plays a classic Disney villain, Pine says he hasn't seen any new scripts or heard anything new in a while. That's perhaps no surprise -- after all, Star Trek Beyond released in 2016, and despite a few false starts over the years, there hasn't been much to report since. 

Still, it's something that fans are waiting to hear about. Will the timeline established in the 2009 movie continue on, or will it fade away, replaced by a new version -- or one of the handful that already exist on TV, with shows like Star Trek: Discovery on Paramount+?

"Not that I know [of]," Pine told when quizzed about plans for a fourth installment. When we asked if he had seen any scripts, he said, "Of course not."

Pine played Captain James T. Kirk in a trilogy of films between 2009 and 2016. In Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond, Pine was joined by a crew that included Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, and Karl Urban. The movies represented the first time Star Trek had been rebooted since its original TV series in 1966, and even seemingly tied off the old continuity by bringing back Leonard Nimoy to bring a close to his version of Spock.

In the time since, Star Trek has embraced a multiverse approach, with new actors playing Kirk and Spock on TV, as well as a return to the original timeline with Picard, which explicitly takes place in a world where Star Trek: The Next Generation took place. Paramount has seemingly struggled with the franchise's big-screen future: occasionally, strange and exciting ideas like a stand-alone movie by Quentin Tarantino have been proposed, but when those fail to materialize, the studio seems keen to beam up the 2009 crew again. 

Their last serious comment on the matter came in 2022, when the studio announced what sounded like pretty concrete plans. Unfortunately, they hadn't said anything to the cast beforehand, creating confusion and frustration not just with fans but also with the very actors they would have to convince to sign on.

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