Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek Series Announced

Jake Sisko and Alexander Rozhenko take the lead in the upcoming Star Trek series.

IDW Publishing's Eisner-nominated line of Star Trek comics expands in 2023 with Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek, a new four-issue miniseries announced during the Star Trek: Boldly Going panel at New York Comic Con. The four-issue Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek series spins out of Star Trek: Day of Blood, Star Trek's first-ever comic book crossover event, which united the crews of IDW's ongoing Star Trek series and its Star Trek: Defiant spinoff. Morgan Hampton, who wrote Cyborg for DC, will write Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek. Veteran Star Trek comics artist Angel Hernandez is drawing the book, which will debut in early 2024.

Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek sees Jake Sisko, the son of recently returned Benjamin Sisko, feeling unmoored in the aftermath of the Day of Blood. At the same time, Alexander Rozhenko, son of Worf, is recovering from his indoctrination by Klingon Emperor Kahless II and subsequent death and resurrection while reckoning with his actions on behalf of the Red Path.

(Photo: Jake Bartok, IDW Publishing)

Their paths become entangled when they find themselves in an alternate universe where they both follow more explicitly in their fathers' footsteps, each joining Starfleet and serving aboard the U.S.S. Burton. During their time in that universe, they meet other offspring of Star Trek characters, including, based on the cover, both Nog and Q Junior. Could Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher's recently revealed son, Jack, make his comic book debut?

"Star Trek is a franchise that has rewired my DNA and provided me a sense of comfort amongst its characters and stories," said Morgan Hampton in a statement. "I'm so excited to pour some of that energy back into this world. Angel and I are creating a story full of shock, excitement, and wonder led by characters not usually in the spotlight. Fans new and old will find that familiar Star Trek charm at the heart. It's a dream come true to be able to add a wrinkle in the fabric of this incredible universe!"

(Photo: IDW Publishing)

"Having the possibility of creating everything practically from scratch is an exciting challenge," adds Angel Hernandez. "Defining new personalities and making the characters face completely new situations is incredible. It's all new but it's all Trek."

You can see Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #1's cover and the designs for the series' alternate reality Starfleet uniforms above. Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek #1 will go on sale in 2024.

  • Written by: Morgan Hampton
  • Art by: Angel Hernandez
  • Cover by: Jake Bartok
  • Colors by: Nick Filardi
  • Letters by: Clayton Cowles
  • On Sale 3/13/24