Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Trailer: Why Is Godzilla Pink?

The trailer for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is here, and it gives Godzilla a new pink power boost.

Godzilla fans are living large right now. From television to film, the movie monster can do no wrong, and fans of the MonsterVerse are happy for it. Not long ago, the IP went wide by sharing its first trailer for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, and it has fans buzzing all over social media. And to be honest, they all want to know what's going on with Pink Godzilla.

If you have seen the trailer for Godzilla x Kong, you will know what we're talking about. The trailer begins with a look at the Earth before the Hollow Earth comes into view. Something is about to shake up the balance of MUTOs across the land, and Godzilla will need to respond. For part of the trailer, we see the beast in a cocoon of sorts, and the trailer ends with Godzilla coming out of his hibernation with a pink makeover.

(Photo: Warner Bros. Discovery)

From his eyes to his dorsal fins, everything is pink here, and that is a definite change from what we're used to. In the MonsterVerse so far, the beast has been shown with a blue atomic aura, but now that has changed. Sadly, there is no good canon explanation for this, but Godzilla fans have some theories about the hue shift.

Given this trailer, we know Godzilla went into some hibernation after the events of Godzilla vs Kong to heal. During that time, it seems the titan is able to power up, and this time away helps Godzilla unlock his pink form. It could be due to an evolutionary process or a rare source of radiation. But either way, it is safe to say the pink coloration here proves Godzilla is growing stronger. You know, as if he were a Saiyan in Dragon Ball!

As for the real reason behind this color change, well – it comes down to good business. Godzilla looks largely the same in all the MonsterVerse films, and that means merchandise sales can stagnate. If you slap a new color coat on the atomic beast, you make new sales. It really is that simple. So while Godzilla's new power may mean something about his abilities in canon, it is all about toy sales in the real world.

Hopefully, we will find out more about Godzilla x Kong: The New World in the coming weeks. The movie is slated to drop in April 2024, so the film's marketing cycle is about to ramp up. So in the meantime, maybe Godzilla can study Super Saiyan Rose and get some tips on how to handle his new pink aura.

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