Fallout TV Show Creators View the Series as Fallout 5

The creators of Fallout approached the TV adaptation as if they were making Fallout 5.

Those in charge of Prime Video's upcoming Fallout TV series have said that they're personally trying to view the show as Fallout 5. Rather than look to adapt any of the stories from one of the main Fallout games, the 2024 TV show is going to introduce a new cast of characters and a new locale that hasn't previously been seen in the franchise. To that end, the showrunners in charge of Fallout tried to approach the show as a wholly new installment in the way that Fallout 5 would be rather than tying it too closely to anything in particular from the video games. 

During a new conversation at CCXP, Fallout's co-showrunner Graham Wagner opened up about the TV adaptation and what it has been like to develop. Although stressing that he didn't want to share too much about the show and its story, Wagner said that those helming the project intentionally tried to distance it from the timelines seen in the Fallout games. To help with this, Wagner said that they tried to look at the show as Fallout 5 rather than a typical video game adaptation. 

"We didn't start from a place of characters from the games. We set things after," Wagner said. "We kind of told ourselves, 'This is Fallout 5, this is just another installation, and we're starting with fresh snow.' But as things go on, things go on. So yeah, again, I am really desperate not to spoil stuff, leave it at that I guess."

Even though Graham and those leading up the development of Fallout might be trying to see it as Fallout 5 for themselves, the real Fallout 5 is a game that Bethesda has said that they'll make one day. In fact, just last year, Bethesda director Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout 5 would be the studio's next project after it releases The Elder Scrolls 6. Given that the next Elder Scrolls game is still many years away, though, Fallout 5 is something that won't feasibly see the light of day until 2030 or beyond. As such, this Prime Video series is likely going to have to take the place of Fallout 5 for many fans in the interim, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

As of this moment, Fallout is only a few months out from its debut on Prime Video which is set to hit on April 12, 2024. Until that time, you can check out the first teaser trailer for the show at the top of the page.