WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Warns Adam Pearce About CM Punk

Seth Rollins warns Adam Pearce about CM Punk after Pearce makes his intentions clear.

Before his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Jey Uso, Seth Rollins meets Raw General Manager Adam Pierce backstage who informs the champion that he plans on bringing CM Punk to WWE Raw from Cleveland, Ohio to sign a contract. 

Pearce lost the bidding for a returning Randy Orton to SmackDown's Nick Aldis last week, desperately looking to give Raw an edge over SmackDown with Punk who has already pulled out big numbers for WWE since his return at WWE Survivor Series. "Zip it, I don't give a d***, alright? You do what you gotta do. But when he shows the world his true colors and this blows up in your face, you do me a favor, alright? You stay out of my way when I do what I gotta do."

The two men have been taking shots at one another since Punk returned to the company. Following Survivor Series, Rollins made headlines for his hot temper as he cussed Punk out at Survivor Series. It's no secret that there has been bad blood between the two men in the past. In his WWE return promo, Punk addressed Rollins' outburst without directly naming him. "Everyone has welcomed me back with open arms...well almost everybody. Some people are afraid. They're afraid of the truth. They're afraid of what they don't understand, but I understand," Punk said. Rollins addressed the fans the same night, giving details into why he lashed out at Survivor Series. He refers to Punk as a "hypocrite" and "somebody that doesn't matter at all."

Rollins successfully defended the World Heavyweight title on the December 4 episode of WWE Raw, beating Uso clean. The two men shook each other's hands before Drew McIntyre continued going on a rampage after he injured Sami Zayn earlier in the night after their match.