Netflix Renews Fan-Favorite Sitcom For Season 4

The Upshaws are back -- and this time the series will drop all at once.

Before the third season has wrapped up (or its second half has even premiered yet), Netflix has given The Upshaws a season four renewal. The comedy, from showrunners Wanda Sykes and Regina Hicks, has had its second and third seasons broken up into halves, allowing for Netflix to get a bump from each new "premiere" without committing to too many episodes. The fourth season will reportedly have ten total episodes, according to Deadline, who first reported the renewal. It's being called "Part six" by Netflix, but is also releasing all ten episodes at once. It's not immediately clear why they plan to change.

The Upshaws doesn't have the same pop cultural cache that some of Netflix's bigger hits have. It's less of an internet phenomenon than The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which was cancelled after a pair of two-part seasons. Still, a traditional sitcom is less expensive, and arguably more rewatchable, than most of the expensive programming that attracts buzz on social media.

"Part five" of The Upshaws -- the second half of season three -- is set to debut on Netflix in spring 2024. It's likely the fourth season will drop sometime between summer 2024 and spring 2025. No release date is officially set yet.

Here's the official synopsis for the series:

Bennie Upshaw (Mike Epps), the head of a Black working class family in Indianapolis, is a charming, well-intentioned mechanic and lifelong mess just trying his best to step up and care for his family – wife Regina (Kim Fields), their two young daughters (Khali Spraggins, Journey Christine) and firstborn son (Jermelle Simon), the teenage son (Diamond Lyons) he fathered with another woman (Gabrielle Dennis) -- and tolerate his sardonic sister-in-law (Wanda Sykes), all without a blueprint for success. But the Upshaws are determined to make it work, and make it to the next level, together. In this upcoming part, the Upshaws continue to ride life's ups and downs, including new jobs, bigger dreams, health struggles and some major life surprises but still hanging on with the love that comes with family.

The Upshaws is executive produced by Epps, Sykes, Hicks, Page Hurwitz, Wanda Sykes, Niles Kirchner, Mark Alton Brown, and producting partners Annie Levine and Jon Emerson.