New PS5 Exclusive Gets February Release Date: "My Most Anticipated Game of All Time"

Some PlayStation fans are very excited for this 2024 PS5 exclsuive.

A new PS5 exclusive has a February release date, and PlayStation fans are excited for it. As you may know, in January, PlayStation fans are being treated to their first notable PS5 exclusive in the form of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. A month later, on February 22, they are being treated to their second notable exclusive, though this release won't be a true exclusive, but a console exclusive. This is to say it's also coming to PC, but it's not coming to Xbox consoles or the Nintendo Switch. 

The game in question is Pacific Drive from developer Ironwood Studios and publisher Kepler Interactive. Announced in September of 2022, it was originally scheduled to release in 2023 before being delayed to early 2024. And now we know exactly when in early 2024 it is coming, the aforementioned February 22. 

Upon hearing the game is going to be released on February 22, 2024, PlayStation fans seem excited. Of course, it's impossible to gauge widespread interest. We won't know how anticipated the game is until we see how many copies it sells, but right now there are many PlayStation fans excited for it. 

"This has quickly become my most anticipated game of all time, it's been awesome following this," says one PlayStation fan looking forward to the game. "I've been waiting for this game for so long. It looks amazing," adds a second comment. A third comment further adds: "genuinely my most anticipated game of 2024." 

For what it's worth, the game seems to be attracting interest from the hardcore space and those who enjoy smaller, indie games rather than mainstream PlayStation gamers who probably have never heard of this title. And this is no surprise considering it's a smaller game in nature. 

"In the shadow of towering evergreens in the Pacific Northwest, you find yourself trapped behind a 300-meter wall," reads an official blurb about the game. "Why was it built and who or what are Remnants? Mysterious voices traverse the airwaves questioning you, warning you. Battling against the elements and anomalies, only one thing is certain, you and your car won't leave The Zone unchanged. Left untouched for over thirty years, the Olympic Exclusion Zone is home to all manners of hazards and mysterious phenomena known as anomalies. With only your station wagon for company, navigate the winding roads as you attempt to untangle a web of secrets that have surrounded the area since the 50s. Gather resources to upgrade your car and uncover more clues as you venture further and farther out into the unknown."